About Us

About Us

Our Strategy

All the company’s strategy is based on the development of activities related to the provision of services targeted to business consulting and management, through a personalized investor support, supporting investment decisions and obtaining financing solutions support level of human resources services (support for recruitment and selection of personnel, applications for incentives for employment, etc.).

The work system ensures the overall management of all processes to this hired by their clients as well as the permanent and continuous monitoring to all its clients, from the time of identifying potential travel opportunities, business, event, to achieve thereof, ensuring the same comprehensive management and offer all the necessary services for each process.

The main goal of the company is to develop, in constant partnership with the customer, a product / solution of financing, investment, business or tourist tailored to their needs, or provide a value added service, the logic of ” key-na- hand ‘, ensuring the effective development of a corporate identity of superior quality in order to praise the Portuguese product.

JG Consulting and Events develops its activity based on three vectors that complement each other and interact with each other:
  Consulting Business and Management;
  Organization and Event Management Professionals International - Marketing and Communication;
  Travel agencies

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