Terms and Conditions

Termos e Condições


Documentation – Portuguese passengers must be in possession of valid identity card or citizen card. The Ballot staff and the Birth of the Bulletin are not considered valid documents.

European Health Insurance Card – To benefit from hospital care in any EU country, passengers must carry the E111 form (blue passport). For more information, see: http://www.min-saude.pt/portal/conteudos/informacoes+uteis/saude+em+viagem/cartaoeuropeudesegurodoenca.htm


Documentation – Passengers must carry a valid passport during their stay. Some countries require a minimum passport validity 6 months beyond the end of the trip. Contact us to find out about the requirements for the destination country or see the destination country’s embassy.

health formalities – Some countries have mandatory health formalities. Check with the health authorities or see:

http://www.min-saude.pt/portal/conteudos/informacoes+uteis/saude+em+viagem/consulta+de+saude+do+viajante.htm ouhttp: //www.who.int/ith

Visas – Some countries require an entry visa. Inquire at your agency JG Consultadoria e Eventos or from the embassy of the destination country. JG Consultadoria e Eventos agency disclaims any responsibility for the refusal to grant visas or no entry permit to the customer in a foreign country.

TRAVEL TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (including Puerto Rico / St Thomas and St Johns)

Documentation – required individual passport. Since 26 October 2004, citizens of countries participating in the visa waiver program who wish to go to the US without a visa must hold an individual machine-readable passport, in force since January 2001. Check out the next link, if the your passport meets the required standards: http://www.dhs.gov/xtrvlsec/programs/content_multi_image_0021.shtm

If you do not have the required passport, you need to apply for a nonimmigrant emigrant. Click the link below and check what is required for obtaining a visa: http://evisaforms.state.gov/instructions_Portuguese.asp

Travelers under the visa waiver, must first apply for approval for the trip (ESTA), which is valid for two years and can be used for multiple trips to the United States. This request is made through the website: https: //esta.cbp.dhs.gov/. If the answer is negative, you should apply for a nonimmigrant visa at the US Embassy. Starting on September 8, 2010 has to be charged to travelers under the Visa Waiver Program. This fee will be charged when travelers apply for ESTA. Payment must be done on the internet in a safe place of the American government – www.pay.gov. – Which uses advanced encryption technology to protect all transactions. The ESTA authorizations already granted or to be completed by September 8, remain valid until the date indicated or until the passport expires. Note that the traveler does not receive an ESTA approval system without having paid first rate. For more information you can access: http://portugal.usembassy.gov, ouhttp: //www.facebook.com/usdos.portugal

When making a reservation for the U.S.A. the customer must give their express consent that all information, including personal data, provided in relation to the trip can be transmitted to government authorities for the purpose of control and security in air travel.

JG Consultadoria e Eventos agency disclaims any responsibility for visa refusal or no customer entry clearance in the United States.


Portuguese citizens need to subscribe to an Electronic Travel Authority, which may be made by the agency when the airline ticket booking. However, you can also carry it out on the site https://www.travelvisaaustralia.com upon payment of a fee.


Where dealing with foreign passengers (residing or not in Portugal), should consult the relevant embassy or consulate. JG Consultadoria e Eventos agency accepted as good the information provided by the customer. For more information, contact the Foreign and Border Service (Tel: 217 115 000) or visit the website: http://www.sef.pt


When minors are accompanied by parents to destinations requiring a passport, should also be in possession of an identity card, in order to prove to membership.

Article 23 of DL 138/2006, of 26 July, stipulates that national minors, when not accompanied by whoever exercises parental authority, can only leave the country displaying an authorization for this purpose. As for smaller foreign legal residents in Portugal, Article 16 of Decree Law 244/98 of 8 August, in the version of DL 34/2003 of 25 February determines the need to release presentation, issued by whom exercising parental authority, if they travel unaccompanied these. In either case, this authorization shall be made in writing, dated and the signature of the person exercising parental authority legally certified, giving further monitoring powers by duly identified third parties.

Minor child of married parents – The release must be issued and signed by one parent only if the minor traveling without them;

Minor, son of divorced parents, legally separated persons and property, or whose marriage was declared null and void – The release has to be provided by the ascending entrusted with;

This information does not dispense the link query below, through which will also have access to other situations and the draft declaration: http://www.sef.pt/portal/v10/PT/aspx/apoioCliente/detalheApoio.aspx? id_linha = 4350


Case will lead to the destination, make sure your license is within the expiration date and is recognized by the country you are visiting. Inquire with local laws and scrupulously follow the country’s Highway Code for traveling. Many countries use immediate enforcement mechanisms of the sanction resulting from the offense committed. To request the LIC (international driving license), click: http://www.acp.pt/index.php?MIT=3668&template_id=2472&xpto=1&a[]=&a[]=0 ouhttp://www.imtt.pt/sites/IMTT/Portugues/Condutores/CartaConducao/licenainternacionalconducao/Paginas/Paginaparalistagemdesubmenu.aspx


Failure to comply with these rules may result in disorders or even penalties on passengers. This information was provided by the relevant official bodies, so the agency JG Consultadoria e Eventos accepts no responsibility for changes or omissions of information.


The customer can file a claim in the book of complaints within 30 days after the end of the trip. A complaint can also be made with the Customer Ombudsman of travel agencies, providing for such 20 working days after the end of the trip.


Traveling to countries with endemic problems or public health, including dengue epidemics or flu, among others, JG Consultadoria e Eventos Agency advises that are put into practice the recommendations of the General Health Directorate: http: //www.dgs. en /


Climate change became even more unpredictable the occurrence of natural phenomena. In this sense, it can not be relied upon to the travel agency JG Consultadoria e Eventos for its occurrence. The official hurricane season in the Caribbean extends from June 1 to September 30, although they can also occur outside this period. These phenomena are detected at the time of its formation, then evaluating its intensity, likely path and travel speed. Thus, it is impossible to determine with an advance of several days, the specific areas that may be directly affected by this type of weather phenomena and their degree of incidence. If you are traveling to a destination that may be affected by monsoons (that occur in the Indian Ocean, especially from May to October), or any other destination which are taking place significant weather events, inquire in advance of the precautions to be taken. For more information, see the website of the World Meteorological Organization: http: //worldweather.wmo.int/ and / or http://severe.worldweather.wmo.int/


Passengers are not allowed to carry liquids in their cabin baggage, except those contained in individual containers not exceeding 100 milliliters or equivalent (100g / 3oz), put in a sealed plastic bag, transparent and can be opened and closed again, of a capacity not exceeding 1 liter per passenger. As reference, the bag can not exceed the dimensions of 19cmx20cm.

Is understood to mean liquids: water and other drinks, soups and syrups; gels, including hair gels; pastes, including toothpaste; other items of similar consistency; Lotions, including perfumes and creams beard, and aerosols and other pressurized containers.

To clarify any questions, see the link: http://ww2.inac.pt/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=32&Itemid=105


the general conditions associated with the travel program provided by JG Consultadoria e Eventos at time of reservation are applied.


The Portuguese who will travel abroad can register on the Secretary of State for Communities website. This registration is not mandatory, but allows you to identify the citizens who are in certain destinations, allowing also your contact if there be any crisis situation in the country where they are. To register, see: http://www.secomunidades.pt/web/guest/regviajantes


For more information about the destination country, see the link: http://www.secomunidades.pt/web/guest/viajantes


According to Law No. 144/2015 we inform you that in case of dispute the alternative resolution of disputes competent entities are:

– Client Provider of Travel Agencies – in http://www.provedorapavt.com

– Arbitration Commission of Tourism of Portugal in. http://www.turismodeportugal.pt

– Other Alternative Dispute Resolution entities Consumer Disputes (RAL) available http://www.consumidor.pt ADR entities lists or 707788787

JG Consultadoria e Eventos you want your trip runs smoothly so we ask that you carefully read all of the above points and if you have questions, ask your clarification in your agency.

Terms of the Aggregator Hotelier of JG Consultadoria e Eventos

1. JG Consultadoria e Eventos through its aggregator provides the user a wide range of hotels at the best prices. For this is connected online with the webs of different operators or hotel chains.

2. JG Consultadoria e Eventos is not responsible for the services and prices offered by the different operators that appear in the aggregator.

3. JG Consultadoria e Eventos PROVIDES consultation and reserves the operators said unifying formats and adding information.

4. When booking, you will receive an email confirmation from JG Consultadoria e Eventos, with the details and PRESENTATION VOUCHER you need to get the hotel service. no additional physical document is not necessary.


6. Reservations are always guaranteed, even coming after 20 hours (Spain hotel and Andorra) or 19 hours (other countries hotels).

7. DO NOT PRESENTATION / NO SHOW. The non-client presentation in the hotel without notice will be treated with rigor, since it produces a cost by the establishment to power not occupy the / s Room / s reserved / s. You can not be reimbursed to the customer value for a “no show”; the costs will be 100% of the booking amount.

8. CANCELLATIONS AND MODIFICATIONS Cancellations must be made by sending an urgent message from our section “Contact” in www.jgconsultadoria.pt and proceed accordingly and will only be tramitadas during the agency’s opening hours. Cancellations made more than 9 days before the arrival date at the hotel, will cost 5% of the total value of the reservation management costs are not refundable. Cancellations made less than 9 days before and more than 48 business hours prior to arrival date at the hotel, will lead to a penalty of 15% of the total price of the reservation; 25% between 48 and 24 hours in advance and 100% during the last 24 working hours before entering the hotel.

In case of application of some kind of discount Early Sale or Early Booking, cancellations made more than 29 days before entering the hotel will cost 5% of the total booking with non-refundable cost management. Cancellations made less than 30 days and more than 14 days before entering the hotel, will lead to a penalty of 15% of the total price of the reservation; 25% between 14 and 6 working days; 35% between 5 working days and 48 working hours; and 100% during the last 48 working hours before entering the hotel.

In any case, cancellation costs are always subject to the particular conditions of each supplier, establishment, date and destination.

If some kind of special promotion is applied that can contradict the aforementioned conditions, following will be the conditions for promotion. All cancellations will cost 5% of the total booking, as management costs will not be reimbursed.

9. FAIRS AND SPECIAL EVENTS. In these cases, the hotels may be subject to supplements or surcharges and may vary considerably the price, even surpassing the published rates and may also be subject to specific cancellation costs that will determine in each case. Some establishments will not accept any modification or full or partial cancellation reserves the right not to perform cost of returning any. The dates for the shows are likely variations. We suggest you check each particular event in order to reconfirm exact dates. JG Consultadoria e Eventos is not responsible for changes of dates that can produce up without notice.

10. IMPORTANT NOTICES In some countries there is a so-called city tax “holiday tax” to be paid directly at the property. The categories that reflect the hotels were provided by own establishments and always obeying the specific regulations that govern in each country. Therefore, may not be similar in performance and quality hotel in a country with respect to a different despite having the same category. For a short time, some hotels may change its name or trademark, which can not be interpreted as a change of hotel or modification of the reservation.

IDENTIFICATION OF THE PARTIES A party, JG Consultadoria e Eventos. And the other part, the individual, USER, you access the page to inform and engage the services provided through the WEBSITE. The USER declares that he is of legal age and has the legal capacity to acquire the services provided through the WEBSITE. For the use of this site by the USER, it expressly accepts full membership and unreservedly to each and every one of the General Conditions in the version published by JG Consultadoria e Eventos at the time the USER accessing this website, especially the established on the limitation of liability both of JG Consultadoria e Eventos as any operator of tourist services or travel. Therefore, the USER should read carefully the General Conditions in each of the occasions when you want to use the WEBSITE, as the same may have been modified since the last time you accessed.

1. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY JG Consultadoria e Eventos The maximum economic responsibility assumed by JG Consultadoria e Eventos can never exceed the value of the presented services (including management and shipping costs, if they are assumed by the user) plus twenty percent . So if JG Consultadoria e Eventos produce an error or negligence in carrying out the activities mentioned above, your maximum liability is limited to the amount mentioned above. Thus, in any case, JG Consultadoria e Eventos may be responsible for loss of income derived from an overlook on a transaction.

The acceptance of this limitation of liability is an essential element for the JG Consultadoria e Eventos perform the provision of integrated flight + hotel services.

2. A RESERVATION ASSUME JG Consultadoria e Eventos for carrying  THE FOLLOWING ACTIONS: The management of reserves of flights Airlines low-cost selected by the USER, getting the locator to which the USER can enjoy the flight service.
It is necessary to take into account that if the booking of flights is a LOW COST company:
JG Consultadoria e Eventos does not receive any value from the airline, not an intermediary, only facilitates and provides the service.
JG Consultadoria e Eventos makes the reservation on this website by the customer, joining such website e-mail and the customer’s card.
The agreement, the contractual relationship is between the client and the Airline Low Cost correspondent, having JG Consultadoria e Eventos any liability or action on said reservation.
The hotel reservation management selected by the USER by attaching the corresponding voucher for use and enjoyment of the service.

3. AN AIRPLANE RESERVATION PAYMENT + HOTEL. Credit card: The customer will receive two charge your card: One by the airline (the payment is made directly to the company’s own system). Another by JG Consultadoria e Eventos, with the difference to the contract price, which covers the rest of services. The act of requesting a reservation implies commitment by the customer to authorize the debt on the credit card provides. If the credit card is rejected for charging for any reason, including a simple mistake in entering your number, your reservation may be canceled without prior notice.

4. DOCUMENTATION OF A PLANE RESERVATION + HOTEL: At the end of the reservation by the user, it is necessary to that account, for JG Consultadoria e Eventos, reservations requested are considered as final and proceed to the issuance of air tickets and booking the corresponding hotel services. From that moment JG Consultadoria e Eventos send via e-mail the documentation to these services:
Voucher-mail of hotel services in PDF format.
Summary of contracted services, which will indicate the air locator.
Invoice in PDF format.
Additionally you will receive an email confirmation from low-cost company.


5. RESERVE DATA CHANGE. It is imperative that no mistake in the date, time, passenger name, or the data relating to your reservation as in many cases we issue the tickets automatically and that any change can assume the loss of the original fare.
If in any case, the USER creates a wrong reservation, we suggest:
As regards air services: contact urgently with the very low-cost company. Will have on your email locator and phone the same.
With regard to hotel services: write quickly an email through the “Contact” section at the top of our site www.jgconsultadoria.pt or phone so that we can carry out the corresponding management and minimize the costs of a possible cancellation, if it is possible.
In addition, the penalties of service operators, JG Consultadoria e Eventos apply a penalty of 25 Euros per person as management costs.

6. CANCELATIONS .Após issued air tickets and reserved the corresponding hotel services, cancellations depend on air fares and days before entering the hotel. Penalties air services:
regular line companies Tickets: Depending on the fees and airlines, the penalty air services varies. Generally, the reduced rates DO NOT ALLOW CANCELLATION AND, THEREFORE, THE PENALTY IS 100% OF AIR FARE. JG Consultadoria e Eventos will make a repayment to the client with the following conditions:
1. If the cancellation is made on the same day that the booking is made, it can be canceled with a full refund.
2. If the cancellation is made from the following day, and whenever the fare allows repayment (total or partial), JG Consultadoria e Eventos held to refund management.
Companies tickets Low Cost: JG Consultadoria e Eventos has no access and therefore the cancellation formalities shall be carried out directly between the Air Ca and the passenger or the holder of the reservation. Penalties of hotel services. Generally, there is no penalty of the hotel part if the cancellation is made more than 3 days before the arrival date at the hotel. However, cancellation costs are subject to the particular conditions of the destination, dates and establishment. It will also be considered canceling the reduction in the number of rooms, nights or customer name change.
The client presentation not in the hotel or flight without notice will have a penalty of 100% of the reserve, without the right to any claim.
In addition, the penalties of service operators, JG Consultadoria e Eventos apply a penalty of 25 Euros per person as administrative costs.
Cancellation Insurance. JG Consultadoria e Eventos by Intermundial insurance company has the possibility to hire a cancellation insurance in case of illness, redundancy or other unforeseen events. Cancellation insurance allows you to recover your money more quickly in relation to airlines. We recommend hiring this insurance and consult the conditions attached to it. Hiring the cancellation insurance will be effective at the same time they receive the booking confirmation. From this moment, it will not be realized repayment of the amount corresponding to the contracted insurance.

7. MODIFICATIONS After modified air tickets and reserved the corresponding hotel services, the changes will depend on air fares and the days that precede the arrival at the hotel.
Penalties air services:
regular line companies Tickets: Depending on the fees and airlines, the penalty air services varies. Generally, the reduced rates DO NOT ALLOW MODIFICATIONS AND, THEREFORE, THE PENALTY IS 100% FOR PART AIR. If the fare allows changes, JG Consultadoria e Eventos will hold the new issue of imputing tickets to the client the possible rate of growth that can be applied.
Companies tickets Low Cost: JG Consultadoria e Eventos do not have access and therefore modification operations should be carried out directly between the airline and the passenger or owner of the reservation.
Penalties of hotel services: Generally, there is no penalty if the hotel part of the change takes place over 3 days before arrival date at the hotel. However, cancellation costs are subject to the particular conditions of the destination, dates and establishment. It is also considered to be modified to reduce the number of rooms, nights or the name of the holder.
The date changes on the trip are subject to change both the air service as the hotel service. Such modifications are also subject to the above conditions.
In addition to the penalties of service operators, JG Consultadoria e Eventos apply a penalty of 25 Euros per person as administrative costs.

8. DOCUMENTATION FOR TRAVELING. It is the responsibility of each passenger to have the documentation in place needed to be able to travel to the requested destination, not being such failure because of repayment. The customer declares that know and comply with government requirements output documentation, entry and others. Such information can be found on the Foreign Ministry website. If you have any questions, please contact us before making any reservation.

9. Reconfirm FLIGHTS. Airlines may be obliged to change departure times shortly before the expected and not having enough time to communicate it. For this reason, you should reconfirm your flight 24 hours before departure. In the email confirmation it receives the necessary information to confirm the reservation.

10. PLACE OF WARRANTY. Hotel reservations are always guaranteed, even coming after 20 hours (Spain hotel and Andorra) or 19 hours (other countries hotels). The present conditions are subject to national legislation. Shall have jurisdiction to hear any dispute that may arise from the conditions, Turismo de Portugal Institute or the Ombudsman, expressly renouncing both parties to any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.

In JG Consultadoria e Eventos we recommend to our users for flights conducting two preliminary operations to flight: reconfirm the flight with the airline and check the status of it. Then explained in detail the steps to follow to perform both tasks.

It is essential to check the flight status 24 hours in advance and just before heading to the airport. To analyze the status of your flight we recommend that you use the following websites:
If you have a Galileo booking code: www.viewtrip.com
If you have an Amadeus reservation code:: www.checkmytrip.com
n the confirmation messages received by email you can see your code whether Amadeus or Galileo. In many instances receive both codes.

The two websites, www.viewtrip.com for Galileo and Amadeus to www.checkmytrip.com are available in several languages. Be you will be requested Amadeus codes or Galileo and the main passenger name. Please write only the first name in capital letters and no spaces. If even then the system does not return the status of your reservation, use the first and second last name with no spaces between them.

We remind you that you must reconfirm your flight in advance. For this should call the airline with an advance not exceeding 72 hours. Here we provide the each airline phone numbers. In some cases, airlines may cancel reservations that have not been reconfirmed, so it is essential to do so.

Company Offices / Info Lisbon Airport Porto Airport
Aero Condor 273 322 594
Air Berlin 808 202 737
Air Europa 21 358 76 80
Air France 808 202 800 21 848 21 77 / 78 22 941 3131
Air Lingus 21 892 58 31
Air Malta 00800 66 222 111 21 350 30 50
Air Mauritius 21 892 58 30
Alitalia 21 353 64 53 21 847 40 23
America West Airlines 808 200 958
Austrian Airlines 21 316 41 37
BMI Baby 0044 870 126 6726
Braathens 21 844 52 78
British Airways 808 200 125
Central Wings 00 48 22 420 57 75
China Airlines 21 350 30 60
Clickair 00800 254 252 47
Continental 21 330 05 41
Easy Jet 808 204 204
Finnair 21 352 26 89
First Choice 0871 200 7799
Fly Be 0044 1392 268 529
Fly Globespan 0034 902 400 069
Fly Niki 0043 1 70126-0
German Wings 708 782 525
Hapag Lloyd – Tui Fly 707 200 654
Helvetic 21 415 91 60
Iberia 707 200 000 21 311 06 50 22 949 07 23
Jet2 0044 207 150 0374
KLM 707 222 330
Korean Air 800 853 014
Lanchile 21 793 29 46
LTU 707 507 507
Lufthansa 707 782 782 21 848 05 28 22 943 79 00
Luxair 00800 2456 4244
Meridiana 0845 3555 588
Monarch Airlines 800 860 270
Qatar Airways 21 892 58 30
Royal Air Maroc 21 350 00 23
Ryanair 00353 124 977 91
Sata 707 22 72 82
Sky Europe 0034 807 001 204
SN Brussels 808 208 082
Spanair 0034 971 74 50 20
Sterling 0034 91 749 66 43
Swiss Int. Airlines 21 844 52 78
TAP 707 205 700
Thai Airways Int. 21 892 58 30
Tunis Air 21 846 00 45
Turkish Airlines 21 007 88 00
Varig 21 424 51 65
Vueling 800 834 201
XL.COM 0870 320 7777

The physical ticket is issued, the passenger presents it on the counter and thus is recovered the code in the system.
In contrast, the electronic ticket does not need to be issued, simply present your reservation code at the company’s counter and identify yourself to get the boarding pass on the day of travel.

Avoid forgetting, theft or loss of the physical ticket.
It allows you to manage your flights less advance.
Avoids costs of both sending and ticket printing.
Convenience when making a purchase, as it prevents travel to your travel agency.
It offers the ticket at the time of purchase, without having to wait for your submission.
They are usually cheaper than the tickets that require physical issue.

Almost all in almost all routes of flights … and the trend is that soon all tickets will be electronic. The physical ticket tends to disappear.

If the company that holds your flight permit electronic ticket, you will be given to you during the booking of the flight process. Provide all data necessary for their identification as a passenger (ID or passport) of the flight. As easy as that!
On the flight, report to the airline counter with your identification (ID or passport) to collect your boarding pass and … Happy flight!

What is a company Low Cost or Low Cost?

Are airlines that may have lower prices for several reasons. Secondary operating in airports, in addition to the most important.
They sell tickets by internet.
Reduce spending during flights, such as to dispense with the catering service.
Do not allow changes or cancellations.

I) NOTICE ABOUT THE LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: The Montreal Convention or the Warsaw Convention may be applicable to your journey. These Conventions govern and may limit the liability of air carriers in the event of death, personal injury, loss or damage to baggage, and delays. If applicable the Montreal Convention, the limits of liability are as follows:
1. There are no financial limits for death or personal injury;
2. In the case of destruction, loss, damage or delay of baggage, the limit is, in most cases, 1,000 Special Drawing Rights (approximately 1.200EUR; 1.470USD) per passenger.
3. delay caused by damage to the journey, 4,150 Special Drawing Rights (approximately 5.000EUR; 6.000USD) per passenger in most cases.
Regulation EC No 889/2002 provides that air carriers of the European Community shall apply the limits established by the Montreal Convention, in relation to the carriage performed by these, passengers and their baggage. Many air carriers that do not belong to the European Community also apply the Montreal Convention to transport passengers and their luggage.
Where the Warsaw Convention is applicable, may apply the following liability limits:
1. 16,600 Special Drawing Rights (approximately 20.000EUR; 20.000USD) for death or personal injury, where the Hague Protocol to the Convention applies, or 8,300 Special Drawing Rights (approximately 10,000 EUR; 10,000 USD) if only the Warsaw Convention applies. Many carriers have voluntarily waived these limits in their entirety, and the rules of the United States require that, for journeys to, from or with an agreed stopping place which is situated in the US, the limit may not be less than 75.000USD.
2. 17 Special Drawing Rights (approximately 20EUR; 20USD) per kg for loss, damage or delay of checked baggage, and 332 Special Drawing Rights (approximately 400EUR, 400USD) for unchecked baggage.
3. The carrier may be responsible for delay by damage caused.
You can get more information from the carrier as to the limits applicable to your journey. If the journey involves carriage by different carriers, you should contact each carrier for information on the applicable limits of liability.
The passenger may benefit from a higher limit of liability for loss, damage or delay of baggage, irrespective of the applicable to your journey Convention, through a special declaration made at the time of check-in value of your baggage and paying any applicable supplementary charges . Alternatively, if the luggage value exceeds the applicable limits of liability, it should preventively be made safe the entire luggage before travel.

In the case of luggage, the complaint shall be submitted to the airline who hired or the company operating the flight, before leaving the airport. The no immediate complaint may do assume that received the luggage in good condition. deadlines:
a) for damage to luggage, have 7 days from the date of delivery to make the written complaint;
b) For the late arrival of luggage, you have 21 days from the date of its delivery;
c) for the loss, there is no fixed deadline.
Any action in court to claim damages must be brought within two years from the date of arrival of the aircraft or from the date on which the aircraft ought to have arrived.
Should make a detailed description of the luggage and put together a detailed list of its contents, specifying the value of each item. Keep a copy of the complaint to make and stick with proof of your shipment or delivery. For more information, see:

In case of damage to checked baggage, it must be communicated in writing to the carrier within 7 days of the delivery date and, in case of delay, within 21 days from the date on which the baggage was placed at passenger’s disposal.
Checked baggage: In general, passengers are entitled to a baggage allowance, the limit of which may differ depending on the airline, class and / or route. There may be additional fees for checked baggage in excess of their permitted allowance. Please contact your travel agent or airline for more detailed information.
Hand luggage: In general, passengers are entitled to a hand baggage allowance, the amount of which may differ from airline to airline, and depending on the class, the route and / or the type of aircraft. It is recommended that cabin baggage be kept to a minimum. Please contact your travel agent or airline for more detailed information.

Community Regulation 261/2004 of 11 February
OVERBOOKING: If the number of passengers exceeds the number of seats available, an airline must first ask for volunteers to give up their seats in return for agreed benefits. These must include one of two options: Ticket refund (with a free flight back to your starting point, if relevant) or alternative transport to the final destination.
If the passenger does not volunteer, the airline may deny boarding to passengers against their will and should pay them compensation of:
a) € 250 for flights of 1,500km;
b) € 400 for longer flights within the EU and for other flights between 1500 and 3500km;
c) € 600 for flights of more than 3.500km outside the EU.
In addition to their compensation the company should offer you:
a) The choice between the ticket refund (with a free flight back to your starting point, if relevant) or alternative transport to the final destination;
b) appropriate assistance to the waiting time through meals and refreshments, hotel accommodation (including transfers) if necessary, and media (two calls, faxes, e-mail messages, etc.).
CANCELLATION: If the flight is canceled, the carrier must give passengers a choice between reimbursement of the full ticket price within seven days (and free flight to the starting point where appropriate) or alternative transport to the final destination at the earliest opportunity. The passenger also has the right to assistance referred to in the preceding paragraph. The passenger also be entitled to compensation described above if the flight is canceled without notice and reasonable alternative. Not be entitled to this compensation if the cancellation is communicated to the passenger:
a) With two weeks in advance;
b) between two weeks and seven days, if given the alternative of from 2 hours before and reach the final destination within 4 hours.
c) With less than 7 days, if given the alternative of from up to one hour before and reach the final destination within 2 hours.
It is up to the carrier to prove if and when reported the cancellation of the passenger.
Passengers are not entitled to compensation if the airline operator can prove that the cancellation is caused by extraordinary circumstances which could not be avoided even though they were all reasonable measures.
DELAY: When you have reasonable grounds to predict that, in relation to its scheduled time of departure, a flight to be delayed:
a) for two hours or more in the case of flights of 1,500km; or
b) for three hours or more in the case of all intra-Community flights of more than 1,500km, and for all other flights between 1.500km and 3.500km; or
c) for four hours or more in the case of all flights not falling under a) or b), the operating air carrier must offer passengers:
i) meals and refreshments in reasonable relation to the waiting time and two telephone calls, telex, fax messages or e-mails.
ii) hotel accommodation in case it is essential to stay for one or more nights, or if a stay additional to that provided by the passenger and transport between the airport and place of accommodation becomes necessary (hotel or other).
iii) when the delay is at least four hours, the refund within seven days of the total purchase price of the ticket for the part or parts of the journey not made and for the part or parts already made if the flight no longer justified in relation to the original travel plan, together with, where justified; a return flight to the first point of departure.
If a flight from a Member State of the European Union, the complaint must be lodged there.
If a flight from a third country to a Member State of the European Union, the air carrier is Community, the complaint must be lodged in the host Member State of the flight in question.
Passengers affected by denied boarding situations, cancellation and long delay of flights:
a) can submit a complaint to the air carrier concerned;
b) may direct their complaints to the competent national body in Portugal is INAC. For more information, see: http: //ww2.inac.pt/index.php option = com_content & task = category & sectionId = 7 & id = 21 & Itemid = 104

After issuing the air ticket, the customer is subject to the conditions of both the airline chosen as the selected rate, which may condition the date changes or cancellation of travel. The change of destination and / or passenger name is subject to the airline’s rules and applicable transport regulations, in particular the application of penalties. JG Consultadoria e Eventos assumes no error or change after delivery and checking of customer airline tickets.

At the time of booking, the customer is informed of the value of the ticket including airport taxes, security and fuel as well as the costs of issuance. Between the time of reservation and their issuance, the value of the ticket can be changed, others to JG Consultadoria e Eventos, so the total value of the ticket previously provided will also be updated. At time of reservation, JG Consultadoria e Eventos informs the deadline for issuing the same, which ended the reservation is automatically canceled. The ticket is issued only after full payment of the same.


Timetables on ticket or, if applicable, itinerary / receipt, are the aircraft departure times. The check schedules in, communicated by the airline and by JG Consultadoria e Eventos, are the latest times at which passengers can be accepted for travel, in order to meet-all formalities. Flights can not be held due to passenger delays, or they give rise to any liability on the part of the carrier or of JG Consultadoria e Eventos.

Airline tickets do not include any travel insurance. If you want to purchase travel insurance can do it in JG Consultadoria e Eventos.

1. What does the price include?
All listed prices are per person and in Euro, based on two people sharing a specific stateroom. Cruise prices include the following, where applicable: accommodation in specific arrangements for each program and company, entertainment on board ship (An additional payment may be required for access to certain entertainment activities / leisure). Airport charges may or may not be mentioned on the displayed price, and the final price will be covered.

2.What is the price does not include?
Unless previously agreed, the price does not include airline tickets; airport taxes; transportation to and from the ship; shore excursions and personal expenses (eg, drinks on board, laundry expenses, treatments, beauty, telephone calls, etc.); restaurant meals on board which are not included in the indicated regime; travel insurance, gratuities on board (depending on the cruise line, the bonuses can be paid along with your reservation or at the end of your cruise through a pre-stipulated amount); some cruise lines may include when booking or later, a fuel supplement (on the legal limits); and all that is not mentioned as included in the price.

3.The prices may change?
Upon confirmation of your reservation, companies can apply any resulting supplement increase of any transportation costs included in the price and / or fees or fees paid for a service (eg port fees or other) within the legal limits. We advise where to confirm the price of your cruise vacation when booking.

4. What to do if you want to cancel your cruise?
If you want to cancel your cruise, you should immediately inform in writing to your travel agent JG Consulting and Events, so that it can contact their cruise company. cancellation charges will be applied as general conditions of companies or as some specific conditions, in the case of a reservation covered by a special promotion with particular conditions.

5. What to do if you want to make changes to your reservation after being confirmed?
If you want to make any changes to your cruise booking, you must immediately contact your JG Consulting and Events agency, so that it can check with the cruise company that belongs to reservation if the change is possible, subject to availability and it requires some additional cost. Some cruise companies may require documentary evidence, depending on the changes, as proof of the reason for requesting the change of reservation (eg a medical certificate).

6. What documents are required and what information should provide?
As most cruise itineraries visit countries where it is necessary passport note that is a Portuguese citizen, a passport is required with validity of at least 6 months (including children and infants). You should consult the embassies of countries to visit on the need to obtain visas for countries to visit during your cruise. If you are not a Portuguese citizen or not a Portuguese passport, you should check the requirements applicable to your passport and visa with the embassies of the countries you will visit during your cruise. Also make sure all your documents are valid, because all the documentation necessary to visit the countries included in cruises is the total responsibility of the passenger. The appropriate travel documents such as passports, visas, vaccinations and family legal documents are required to embark or re-enter the United States and other countries. You should provide your relevant personal data at the time of making the booking your cruise. The required information will include in addition to personal information, passport, emergency contact, the company may ask for other details. If you can not provide all the required data completely and correctly, your input cruise ship board may be refused. JG travel agency Consulting and Events and cruise companies are not responsible for this situation and there will not be any compensation or reimbursements, being responsible for your passenger travel round trip. If the lack of information on this trip result in fines, surcharges or other penalties imposed to cruise companies and / or travel agency JG Consulting and Events, the passenger will be responsible for compensating the same. There are countries that require special procedures for acceptance of foreigners into the country, such as the United States. For more information on travel to the US, please refer to the “General Information”.

7. There are toilets formal requirements, to embark on a cruise?
Please contact your doctor and ask for the latest information on the health requirements of the destinations you want to visit. With regard to pregnant passing, the acceptance rules vary depending on the cruise company. Please consult the general conditions of your company or with your JG Consulting and Events agency and your doctor in order to apply for authorization to travel.

8. What are the procedures for passengers with special needs, such as disabled?
You should make sure that you are physically fit and meets the medical conditions to travel. When making your reservation, please inform your travel agency JG Consulting and Events, in writing of any medical or physical condition that may, or may require attention or medical treatment during your cruise, or that may, or may affect its cruise in any way (including the use of any service or facilities). Please please provide as much information as possible. Some ships have special cabins for passengers with disabilities, but for more information contact us. Passengers using a wheelchair, must first consult your JG Consulting and Events agency for it to check with the cruise company, which that the procedures to take and even the ship’s willingness to accept passengers with wheelchairs. Certain conditions (eg, the use of boats / rafts) may preclude passengers disembarking wheelchairs in certain ports. Passengers affected by disability or medical condition, should be self-sufficient or must travel accompanied by someone who can provide all the necessary assistance. Sorry, but the cruise companies may refuse to authorize someone to travel if it considers that the passenger is physically or mentally unable to travel or require special care that can not be provided by a companion or by the companies. Failure to meet any one will not be a breach of contract and a special request can only be pleased with the addition of an additional cost, this cost will be imputed to him.

9. What is the baggage weight allowed and what procedures at check-in on a cruise?
The maximum luggage allowed on cruises depends from company to company. However, airlines (most cruises have boarding abroad) impose its rules on baggage allowance, with which it must comply, which is usually lower than that allowed for the cruise. Note that you may be charged an additional charge for excess weight on your cruise departure. Normally, your luggage will be delivered to your stateroom, a few hours after boarding the cruise. We recommend that you identify your luggage well and take with all the objects you might need and other value such as medicine, jewelry, cameras, etc …

10. Is there any age restrictions?
Minors may not travel on cruises, or occupy a stateroom unless accompanied (as) by a relative, legal guardian, or other adult. No less passenger age have booked one box unless it is accompanied (a) by an adult or older, except for children traveling with their parents or legal guardian in adjacent cabins. Some companies consider minor under age 18 but others consider under 21 years old. Note that the minimum age for infants also varies from company to company and destination of your cruise.

11. How are the meals on board?
Most cruise companies, the main meals are meals shift options in the main restaurant. Please ask your preferences per shift at the time of booking. But note that the meal shifts can not be guaranteed. In several cruises, a number to your table can be assigned, which will be indicated in his cabin.

12. Can I ask diets, different types of meals or order other special requests?
For the cruise companies to provide special services such as special diets, medical requirements, assistance in the port of loading, the use of a wheelchair, among others, please inform in advance their travel agency JG Consulting and Events, so that we can send your request to the company. But note that will be subject to availability as some ships may not be able to have your diet / special meal or to provide the service you want. Failure to respond to a any special request for any reason, will not be a breach of contract and a special request can only be pleased with the addition of an additional cost, this cost will be imputed to him.

13. Drinking on board
Note that in each cruise line has its on board consumption of alcohol policy, and are not served alcohol to minors (note that there are companies that consider minors, people under 21 years). We recommend that you check the rules of your cruise company. Passengers are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages onboard for consumption or any other use. Some cruise companies alcoholic beverages that are purchased in ports of call or the onboard shops will be stored by the ship and delivered to the stateroom on the last day of the cruise.

14. Delays in departures or itinerary changes
The information on itineraries, arrival and departure times, operation dates, boat name, etc. It is subject to any changes and any changes or modifications shall be communicated to the passenger can not be considered as misleading advertising. According to international maritime standards where circumstances or force majeure require or advise, shipping companies can change the order of the cruise ranges, cancel some omit any port, visit another additional port, divert the route of the route disclosed or replaced by another vessel or port. Changes to the latest confirmed itinerary of your cruise, may be required after your departure, for various reasons, such as weather or sea conditions, emergency with passengers, provide assistance to other ship or vessel not be able to operate at its normal speed, due to mechanical or unpredictable technical problems.

15. Tours in cities to visit during your cruise
The scales and excursions are a complement to your cruise. You can visit the various cities on your own or through the various tours and must be booked and paid on board. Upon arriving at the port, the authorities carry out the legal proceedings and shall take the necessary measures for the disembarking passengers. Note that there is a time limit for board prior to departure from port. If you do not comply with this schedule, you can stay on land not being the cruise company and agency JG Consulting and events responsible for this act.

16. Currency on board
The currency on board varies depending on the company and the destination of your cruise, can be in Euros or Dollars. In some companies does not circulate money on board, being assigned to each passenger a “travel credit card.” With this card sign all your expenses and the same will be charged to you at the end of the cruise. Note that you may be asked a recognized credit card upon check-in for your cruise. Please check the rules of your cruise company.

17. Clothing on board
We recommend the use of casual clothes during your stay on the ship and excursions. For parties and nights Gala / formal is required formal attire, as dark suits with Gravato for gentlemen and dresses or suits for the ladies. For informal evenings, note that the restaurants on many cruises are not allowed the use of footwear like slippers or practical clothing such as shorts. It is also advisable to have a sweater for some cool nights or to changes in temperature between the inside of the vessel to the outside.