JG Consultadoria

Our Services

Travel Agency
Book your trip with us, we plan and give you support in your business trip or on your holidays.
Communication Design
We create the communicational DNA of your company.
We have great technical, financial and human resources to make your company innovate.
We create the appropriate web communication solution to the new market trends.
We help at every step in your internationalization process.
Video and Multimedia
They say "a picture is worth a thousand words." True, this being our motto.
Professional Events
We execute, organize and manage national and international professional events.
We offer a large-scale dissemination with cutting edge marketing strategy.

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Clients and Market

Our work space is not limited to a specific area or a particular location, covering the entire national territory. JG Consulting and Events as a service provider that is operates the national market level helping to boost businesses in their strategies and business ideas in the domestic market but also in the foreign market through the support, direct or indirect, that services it provides is in business internationalization processes.

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